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Launched on November 12th, 2017 in Coimbatore, SIP’s intuitive Abacus app is set to revolutionize the world of Abacus. Created by INFINITIVE’s app design & development team, the app is a fun and innovative platform for kids to practice abacus in a play way method. With the ability to make the learning interactive, the app is best suited for abacus students looking to practice their skills everyday for a short period of 15 minutes and also have fun with interesting non-abacus rounds.


With a number of abacus concepts taught through a series of tutorials, the app engages with the kids through different levels. From teaching basic number concepts, SIP Abacus app takes on different levels of learning to solve complex mathematical concepts. Using a scoreboard, the app makes the student feel motivated through the levels and pushes them to with healthy competition.

Infinitive is proud to have partnered with SIP for creating a redefined abacus gaming app experience. The app, which is now live on Google Play Store: SIP ABACUS, would be consistently updating new game rounds.


Sources: INFINITIVE App Development Desk

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