Coke Reaches 2 Million New Users With
A New Facebook Ad Unit that goes Old-School

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Facebook recently debuted an ad unit that uses three to seven photos and auto plays them as a slideshow. Soft drink giant Coca Cola has already tested and vouched for the promo aptly titled Slideshow. 

The new ad unit strategically targets emerging markets where consumers have not expereinced the smart phone revolution—no iPhones or Androids—and often expereince slower internet speeds. The ads also use less data than videos. (In a place like Africa, conserving data is a bigger issue than it is in other markets.)

Coca Cola ran a brief campaign in Kenya and Nigeria, according to Facebook, and reached 2 million consumers, raising brand awareness by 10 points for its Coke Studio Africa project.

"The campaign over-delivered on reach by 1 million and had a 10-point increase in ad awareness in Kenya," said Ahmed Rady, marketing director for Central, East and West Africa at Coca-Cola. "We recognize that our consumers may have constraints when accessing video content; hence the slideshow option by Facebook is spot-on in enabling us to still deliver impactful and quality content."

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