How Businesses are Making
Friends with Social Media in 2015

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It’s 2015 and almost 75% of all Americans have at least one social media profile – a number which is up from 48% just five years ago. Keeping up with these numbers has long been a business concern. Many of who still struggle with understanding how to win big on social media.

More and more business owners are getting tempted to dive in and join the social media bandwagon via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. But in order to be successful on social media in 2015, you have to do more than just upload ‘selfies’.

In no particular order of favouritism, here are some of brands that have upped their social media game in 2015.

Oreo – connecting with awesome content

Oreo must have an entire crew of designers on standby because it’s constantly churning out fresh, relevant content on its social sites. One of our favourite campaigns we’re its ‘Daily Twists’ and ‘Play with Oreo’ on Facebook and its spoof of classic horror films on Vine during Halloween.


Netflix – reading its audience

Though Netflix has a plethora of data on its users, it really looks like the company understands who its social audience is. Whether it’s a famous quote from one of its available titles, or a gif that summarizes how most of us feel about the video streaming site, Netflix continues to create content that resonates with users.


GoPro - Investing in Fans

GoPro looks externally for amazing social media posts by harnessing the power of user-generated content. The camera manufacturer often encourages those using its product to send in some of their best shots. This not only makes for great content to share on social, but it also shows off the product in action.


Dove - Inspiring Beauty

Dove has a beautiful goal when it comes to social media. As read from the company’s Twitter bio, “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.” That’s not just a nice tagline, either–Dove is constantly creating content aimed at making women truly feel good about themselves. 


Nivea Men - the hilarious plea

Nivea Men have set about on a humorous route on digital media. Prior to the launch of its new product, it released a hilarious appeal video to ‘Ban Body Odour’ featuring the likes of comedians Suresh Menon, Jose Covaco and others. While the funny video created pre-buzz on social networks, the new product was launched amidst bloggers who further amplified the campaign, and helped spread product awareness.

Social Media is not rocket science. You have to connect with your fans and followers. And the best way is by them the human side of your business. Only then will you be able to get any sort of ROI from the time, energy and money that you put into social media.

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