How UX and UI are different and why they are equally important to your business?

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When you think about website and app design, what strikes to you first? Your mind usually goes towards the artistic elements of a design. But you must know that the beauty of a design goes way deep than a simple visual appearance. A good design will boost your brand’s image, enhance your brand’s identity and also increase the trust among your visitors which in turn means, increase trust in your business. A bad design will make your visitor bounce back to the search page for someone else. Now, in this fast-paced world, you would not want to loose your valuable customer, is it right? UI and UX drives your customer engagement. If they are having a great time on your website or app, why will they leave.

Let’s look in depth in User Experience

UX i.e., User experience contributes to a consumers’ overall impression of your brand. Put simple, UX is nothing but you going to a restaurant and enjoying the meal just the way you wanted along with a special attention given to you by the waiter. This is what makes you want to come back to the restaurant. Similarly, a great experience will make your customer want to come back to you.

A fantastic design= A fantastic user experience = A loyal customer

A UX design will have almost every important aspect of your website, from site navigation to individual page layout. Your current user behaviour is analysed, based on that data, a design which creates an optimal interaction between your business and your potential customer will be formulated.

So, what about UI? How is that different?

Consistent theme from screen to screen, including graphics and animations, uniform layout and ease of use; these are the hallmarks of our unsung hero UI, User Interface. A good design is basically a product of strong UI development.

 UI takes care of all the nuts and bolts of users’ interactions, functionality of a website or the landing page and making sure users’ achieve their goals smoothly and easily, from signing up for newsletters to placing an order and so on. The UI design impacts the usability of the website/app immensely. 

You don’t want to loose your customer due to problems like slow loading, difficulty in typing, complex navigation and confusing architecture. Rather, you should make use of proper UI and make them stay with your website's simplicity and clarity.

At INFINITIVE, we do believe that both UX and UI are exceptionally important in any web/app development and management. We follow the ground rules and make sure that UX and UI goes hand in hand. How we do it? Here’s a overview


Like we said a while ago, customer behaviour is analysed before designing the website/app. This is just one part of our entire research process. Our design research serves many purposes. We identify and disapprove our assumptions, find commonalities across the target audience and understand the needs and goals of the brand.  Overall, research forms a basic flow of our work, improves our understanding and validates our decisions.

We start off with understanding the present brand status and its product image in the market. How and where they are visible, where are they are overlooked. It’s fundamental to get the basic idea of the brand. Without knowing where the brand stands today, how can anybody make it move ahead. Then, we brainstorm ideas. We discuss, argue, delete number of ideas and designs until we land up one design which has no setbacks.

 Data and Ideas worth utilising

Now that we have data, we synthesise it to improve usability. Previously, we learnt about the project and its requirements from the stakeholders and have gathered data, it’s time to utilise it. Our UX team channles out the redundant information and draws a rough sketch of the entire users’ journey on the website which in turn benefits the brand as conversion. 

 Our target personas are very clear. For example, if the brand wants to attract a 40 years old mechanic, we’ll take and use the information related to 40 year old mechanics rather than 25 year old drivers.

We communicate with client and make sure that we both are on the same page. 

Site map and user flow

Using the research data, we set out the basic flow. A sitemap or user flow helps determine what actions users will take when they arrive at the website.

To put it simply, it makes the designers collaborate with clients to think and freeze the flow of where the consumer is required to arrive at first and where they’ll go next. This will make the work way too easy as the designer will know which content/page needs highlighting and special featuring. For example, planning for users to arrive on the website through a blogpost.


This is where all the visual aspects of the site are connected with the information architecture. It creates an actual appearance and feel of the final working model of the product. We sit with our client and show this visual to ensure that nothing has been left behind or anything important is to be added.

We do not forget the typescale

Many brands revamp their websites due to the wrong formatting of colour and font at the crucial website visuals.

At INFINITIVE, we take special care of that need as well.

A wordy discussion on selecting the appropriate colour and font is important as the content must be feasible and readable. We have many tricks in our hat, instead of using a standard font-sizes, we create a modular type scale that defines font sizes based on a ratio and scales them according to the screen size. All these things are shared with the client. Keeping them informed is paramount.

Early Prototypes! User Testing

We do not just give away the final, finished product in one go. Snippets, like screenshots of the homepage or any crucial inner pages is sent to the client for their final confirmation. It gives an idea to client as to which direction the site is going.

Then we do the final testing. We check weather every page, every bar, every option is working and whether every word is readable or not. Just like a user. Then the prototypes are presented to users. After the final validating and changes as directed from the client, we polish and handover the website.

UX is what will attract your consumers. It will make your consumer come back to you.

UI will provide you conversion. One cannot work without the other.

You need to have both on board to enhance your brand's digital value.

At INFINITIVE, the design focuses on user experience and user interface. We deliver measurable results, in the form of conversions on sales pages, increased frequency and many more profitable bottom lines. We understand the value of a good design.

Sources: INFINITIVE Creative & Development Desk

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