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Hop into our spacecraft; let us take a ride inside the creative universe of Infinitive!

So what really happens inside Infinitive?

Creative magic happens every single day inside Infinitive.

Have a closer look and uncover the universe of ideas!

Infinitive’s office is filled with people who are divergent thinkers + convergent creators! For us, diversity isn’t just about “male” and “female” or “coffee” and “tea.” We are an unidirectional technology company that foster infinitive diversity.

Too much? Exaggerating introduction is always required!

There’s rarely a dull moment inside our four yet infinite walls. There’s always a spaceship full of ideas roaming in the infinite space of our office popping from one planet to another, in simpler terms-- one head to another. 

So, what do we have special?

No, we won’t bore you by telling you the same old dialogue “creativity” and “productivity” etc. We’ll show you something better!

Darth Vader (the chosen one) and the one and only, Jedi master, the powerful and the wise -- the Yoda, guards us. Yes, you heard that right, they guard our creative ideas, our creative infinite universe. So, when you step into Infinitive’s office, they will greet you first.

Warning: Do not take them lightly, they may seem weightless but they aren’t. Yes, you are allowed to touch them! Play too!

We are proud of being a full fledge growing advertising and technology company that provides one stop solution in Branding, Website & Application Design and Development, Digital Marketing and Experiential Marketing. We attribute our success to tight-knit collaboration and our nimble work team.

We don’t bind ourselves with cliché rules, such as casual dressing has no stop board and you can sit, lay or roll on the floor (if that is how you believe you generate ideas) in order to work. You might find us hopping, running, or crawling in our office, no matter what we do we will deliver work within deadlines--that’s important for us! We care more about the quality of the work than the quantity. Our office only has two rules: the music can never stop, and we can never run out of snacks. Moreover, a bunch of ideas is by default. You will always find innovative ideas here. 

 There is a reason why our office is filled with so many things that you won’t find in many other companies. “People pay us to be different,” says our beloved CEO, Mr. Arun Kalaiyarasu, “So we need a space that energizes and inspires the staff.” To keep their creative juices flowing, staff can play any game inside, YouTube surfing or chill out with video games.”

Our thinkers and creators sit wherever they want (obviously, they shift their entire systems) but the freedom is necessary, we believe. Even though we are growing and have small amount of people inside, we switch seats and sit with each other, so everyone gets to know everyone else in the office, and not just their immediate desk neighbors.

Any employee, new or old, has all the liberty to add any toy of their wish, which represents their character. Sometimes, they bring it just because they like it. We don’t mind! After all, our infinite universe is colourful and absolutely creative!

The office artwork is a complete different story. You will find superheroes, cartoons etc. Further, you can see our employees sitting with their own toys (or what they call, their partners) on their desk.

The office second expansion includes the conference room. This is where we conduct all meetings with all our special clients. No hi-fi fancy things, just a simple, classy, neat place with yet another artwork. And, the seats are extremely comfy.

If you wish to try, then do call us. We will let you sit on them and enjoy, meanwhile we can discuss anything you want (maybe about the power of creativity augmented by technological prowess).

 We have a whole bunch of happy, little funky yet hard working people who together make an awesome team. And, this team exists and is made even more exemplary by the leadership of our passionate and caring CEO.

You must be wanting to know about the team now, don’t you!

 We are not as far as the space, in fact excessively closer than you think.

 Looking for an advertising and technology partner? Let’s chat.

Sources: INFINITIVE Creative & Development Desk

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