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 “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you will be able to see further.” - Thomas Carlyle 

Infinitive believes in going forward, together. Our team is the family that brings us closer to our clients every single day. As a family, we have always believe in supporting and sharing joy at any given opportunity.

The festival of lights that brings a joy to all of our marked a day of fun and celebration at our Infinitive office. The one festival that is celebrated by all across the country with excitement and delight turned the office into a carnival. Our closely knit team, all decked up in traditional Indian attire. With men wearing pattu vetti - sattai and women clad in ethnic pattu saree and salwar kameez, the office was indeed festive.

From dancing to tunes of cine music to witnessing rib-tickling performances by the staff members, Diwali celebrations brought the team together with a sense of belonging and positivity. The management distributed sweets and rejoiced with the team of enthusiasts aspirants.

 This Diwali didn’t just light up the sky, it lit up our faces and in turn, our office as well!


Sources: INFINITIVE Creative & Development Desk

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