Never work a day in your life

Confucius once said that if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. At Infinitive, it our intention to create an atmosphere of excitement, positivity and appreciation for all who choose to work with us.

Not just that. We also offer the opportunity to work on some very prestigious brands in the market. Being a vibrant and ever-growing organisation, we guarantee plenty of room for your career advancement.

Who We Want

While being creatively-inclined and talented are a given, we are specifically seeking self-driven individuals. We promise that at Infinitive, your limits are constantly tested, and you consistently remain ahead of the pack.

For wide-eyed Interns

At Infinitive, we are well-prepared with an effective mentoring plan for young interns seeking your first glimpse of a full-fledged agency. All you need to bring is determination and responsibility.

Email to Apply

Specialising in start-up organisations and growing brands, we approach your brief with complete understanding, insightful guidance and absolute pro-activity.